My name is Effie Moorer and exploring my own and other people’s imaginations has always been a passion of mine, and I remember playing the wildest games with my little sister as we were growing up. There was nothing that could confine my imagination, and my passion is to show others that it is possible for their imaginations to have zero limitations as well.
My favorite part of designing is the construction process because everything starts to come to life, and I learned how exciting that can be from my work study position at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I am a scene shop monitor that specializes in carpentry, so I have seen many sets at the university evolve into productions. My main responsibility as a scene shop monitor is to manage what gets done as the set gets built and manage who is doing the building, which is normally other students at SCAD. 
I have also designed and constructed costumes for the university, and I love exploring how the characters’ personalities, actions, and clothing intertwine to tell their own story. Designing costumes is equally as important to the imagination because you are trying to convince the audience of a character’s story that may or not be true, and I love having the opportunity to contribute to the plot. Architecture is another passion of mine, and I started studying it to educate myself on how my designs for themed entertainment would be constructed. However, I discovered a love for the study and the construction technology. Again, my name is Effie Moorer and I am a passionate designer that loves to lead peoples’ imaginations into stories constructed by other designers and writers.