This project was a submission to the 2019 Disney Imaginations Competition, and my team finished in the semifinalists. For the project, I was project manager and concept artist, I also played a large role in story development and research. 

Shahu is a completely immersive experience that allows guests of all representations and ages to discover the past and present of the city Kolhapur, India. The city was in shambles, but the Maharaja of Kolhapur, HH Shahu Chhatrapati brought back education, culture, and meaning to a lost society. The experiences in Shahu commemorate the achievements of the Maharaja while reminiscing the struggles he faced, so that the history may never be forgotten.

  At Shahu, guests can explore Shahu’s summer castle and castle grounds, dive into the regional culture of Western India and celebrate the achievements of Shahu as a monarch. Enjoy the best of Kolhapur’s cultural significances and local goods while journeying through an educational experience about one of the world’s most gorgeous countries.